Huddle For Hearts Case Study

Meeting Needs for Rapid Deployment
Huddle for Hearts is an initiative started by collegiate athletes to teach CPR and raise money for AEDs in underserved youth sports programs.
> Brand Design
> Website Development
> Graphic Design
> Copywriting
> Promos and Apparel
> Social Media templates
> Press Releases
Huddle for Hearts is a non-profit that honors and remembers Peyton Walker, a 19-year old student whose life was tragically cut short by sudden cardiac arrest. Huddle, an initiative between collegiate athletes and the Peyton Walker Foundation, needed to quickly establish a logo, brand presence, and website in time for the 2023 college football season’s kickoff. The challenge was specific:
  • Create a flagship brand identity for Huddle for Hearts, embracing the athletic feel while not exclusively catering to any single sport.
  • Quickly develop a Website that educates and inspires action. The site needs to share information about the initiative, about the risks of sudden cardiac arrest, and the need for youth heart screening and AEDs in the community. Additionally, the site needs to prompt the public to support the campaign, and encourage other college athletes to apply to create a personal campaign in their community.

Within 72 hours, we established a brand identity for Huddle for Hearts, as well as an engaging, informative landing-page style website with custom icons, copywriting, and design. Alongside PR campaigns, social media templates, and apparel, Huddle for Hearts has garnered local and national recognition for their commitment to save the lives of young athletes and place AEDs in communities in need.