Meet the Team

Meet the Frontline Team

Mark Taylor
Managing Partner

Mark Taylor is one of those rare businessmen who accomplishes goals by helping others accomplish theirs. Growing up in a family owned small business in Jackson, TN, Mark learned the importance of quality and affordability. Those values spill over into his push for strong, yet personal, customer care.

“When our customers know that we are in-tune with industry standards and expectations, it gives them a type of comfort that can’t be purchased as an add-on to their order.” – Mark Taylor
Jill Taylor
Managing Partner

If you want to find Jill Taylor, you must be willing to drop everything and just go! Jill is raised in the South as a middle child between two rowdy brothers. Operational workflow is her passion and she knows no boundaries when her intuition says that we can make something beautiful together. Jill & Mark have been married for over 25 years and have two children.

“There are no great things, only small things with great love. That is where one will find happiness.” – Mother Theresa
Josh Kasper
Co-Founder, Creative Director

Josh graduated from Union Univerisity in 2019 witha degree in Graphic Desgin, and has worked in digital design and marketing since he was 18. Outside of work, he created concept art, watches sports, collects sports memorabilia, and keeps a freshwater aquarium. Josh loves his wife Kristen, his dog Josie, and the Atlanta Braves.

“Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be simple. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus
Micah Pinkley
Director of Web Development

Outside of work, Micah spends his time reading, playing video games, painting, and writing short stories as well as working on his own personal projects. All of these hobbies culminate in a love for D&D and other Tabletop RPGs. Some day, Micah hopes to go on his own adventures, traveling the world with his closest friends and family.

“‘Where should I go?’ – Alice. ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to end up.’ – The Cheshire Cat.” – Alice In Wonderland
Christen Harper
Lead Graphic Designer

Christen wields a dual nature—bridging imaginative flair with analytical precision. She likes to bridge the gap between aesthetics and functionality, designing everything from websites to print materials. Outside work, you’ll usually find her gardening or spending time with her husband and two young children.

“I could probably make that in Paint.” – Micah Pinkley
Hannah Barr
Senior Graphic Designer

Hannah is a print and illustration specialist with a background in higher education design. She is a strong advocate of the “common consumer” perspective and is ready and willing to tackle any project, from animated email headers to 20-foot trade show displays. Outside the office, Hannah is most often found practicing aerial silks or corralling her various dogs, cats, and chickens back into line.

“[She] had better retire to her bed; she is clearly in need of recuperative sleep, she has not made a sarcastic remark for fully ten minutes.” – ‘Crocodile on the Sandbank’, Elizabeth Peters
Chelsea Edwards
Creative Operations Manager

Meet Chelsea, a devoted mom to her two little ones, Ruby and Jack Thomas. Beyond the workday, she’s the ultimate cheerleader at basketball or soccer games. Off the sidelines, Chelsea unleashes her own competitive spirit on the pickleball court with her friends. Weekends are spent embracing the outdoors with her loved ones, indulging in nature’s beauty and precious moments together.

“The secret of joy is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.” – Elizabeth Elliot
Jake Beals
Video Production Manager

Any reason to tell a story, Jacob is there for it. He is ready to expand the narrative, whether acting, writing, Dungeons and Dragons, Photos, or films. Jacob loves Star Wars and hanging out with his darling wife, Crista. Jacob is currently taking classes for professional voice-over work and motion capture as part of his lifelong passion for digital storytelling!

“Real greatness is what you do with the hand you’re dealt.” – Victor Sullivan, Uncharted 3

Faith Orr
Graphic Designer

As both a graphic designer and photographer, Faith is fueled by her passion for visual communication and problem solving as a means of helping people share their stories. Having grown up in Colorado, Faith loves to spend her time outside of work enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. You’ll also often find her reading or pursing a new creative hobby including, film photography and watercolor painting.

“For what is friendship but the discovery that I don’t want to tell my story—can’t tell my story—without your story?” ― Stanley Hauerwas, The Character of Virtue: Letters to a Godson
Matthew Thorton
Web Developer
Matthew has been with Frontline Creative for nearly three years now, starting when he was still a Senior in High School. From the beginning, he’s never shied away from a challenge, growing his skill as a backend developer at every opportunity. While attending the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, Matt continues to work with us on our most critical projects.
“I accidentally overcooked my steak last night cause I was doing my voice over class and now it’s cooked more than I like. Definitely chewier.” – Jake Beals

Meet the Part-Time Team

Josh Santhosh
Junior Web Developer
“Stand proud WordPress; you’re strong” – Josh Santhosh
Amelia Joyner
Junior Web Developer
“Hey Micah, I think I accidentally broke the website again…” – Amelia Joyner
Maddie Cooper
Associate Graphic Designer
“Are all Zelda games the same or are they like Mario where there’s a bunch of dumb things?” —Chelsea

Office Pets!

Mitchell Beta Smith
Offishal Office Fish
“Working at Frontline has been a source of profound satisfaction. From the early stages of my career as a young guppy, I developed an unwavering passion for marketing, dedicating myself to enhancing both aquatic and terrestrial realms through innovative and conscientious advertising endeavors. Upon my acquisition from Petco, Frontline embraced me unreservedly, transcending any barriers posed by my aquatic origins. Working alongside their esteemed team has been an unparalleled privilege and continues to be a deeply enriching experience.” – Mitchell Beta Smith